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Outside The Not So Big House
Julie Moir Messervy
Sarah Susanka

Expanding Home to Include Your Outdoor Spaces

This book is not about landscaping or gardening. It's about the transitions and connections between the inside of a house and the outside, and the journeys and the places that can be made to extend the experience of home to the outside. Just as the inside of a house is a sequence of places for the experiences of daily life, so the outside continues this sequence. And the paths and places along the way, whether inside, outside, or in the in-between zone, are together what we call Home. Whatever the size of your property, the ideas contained herein will help make your house and garden two parts of a singular whole.

Taunton Press

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Before & After Kitchen Makeovers
Sunset Books

40 Kitchens Shown as Before and After

A full range of makeovers, from small-budget miracles to hang-the-expense dream kitchens. Design details hone in on innovative ideas and the touches that personalize a kitchen.

Featuring these projects from Fox Design Group Architects:
Manheim Residence | Fox Residence | Peck Residence
Gurman/Miller Residence | Bates Residence |Shoemaker Residence

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Kitchens For The Rest Of Us
Peter Lemons

From the Kitchen You Have to the Kitchen You Love.

This book emphasizes kitchens that place function, craft, and intelligent design over grandeur and extravagance. By showing you twenty newly remodeled and hard-working kitchens built within typical-sized spaces, you will be inspired to pursue your own mix of dreams, hopes, and needs.

Taunton Press

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Ideas For Great Kitchens
Sunset Books

Featuring an all-new third edition of Sunset classics.
Photos display kitchens of every kind, from high-end to budget, elegant to casual, spacious to compact. Special features include storage, lighting, and hardware. Shopper's Guides cover cabinets, appliances, countertops & flooring. Includes expert advice on choosing and working with outside contractors.

Featuring the following kitchens from Fox Design Group Architects:
Fox Residence | Manheim Residence

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Before & After Bathroom Makeovers
Sunset Books

40 Bathrooms Shown as Before and After

Special features highlight key aspects of bathroom remodeling, from cabinets and storage to countertops and lighting. Many of the makeovers feature helpful floor plans. Includes helpful tips and testimonials from homeowners and designer.

Featuring the following bathrooms from Fox Design Group Architects: Bates Residence | Mineck Residence

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Living in the Garden
Julie Moir Messervy and Lee Anne White

The feeling of home doesn't have to end as you walk out the door

The combined talents of design gurus Julie Moir Messervy and Sarah Susanka and garden aficionado Lee Anne White provide a powerful mix of inspiring text and photographs in this special editorial section. Drawn from the Outdoor Living Idea Book and Outside the Not So Big House, this supplement gives readers the inspiration to create areas surrounding their homes that are as welcoming, well designed, and comfortable as their interior spaces.

Fine Gardening May/June 2006

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The New Western Kitchen
By Mary Jo Bowling, with Peter O. Whitely
Sunset Magazine, February 2002

Studied Simplicity

Strategies to create light-filled multifunction rooms where the whole family will want to gather.

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Identical Twins Grow Up Differently
By John McLoud
San Francisco Examiner. December '91


ALBANY – To look today at the two remodeled houses on Beverly Place and Ventura Avenue here you would hardly recognize that the dwellings started out as twins. The former has a full-height second-floor addition set back atop a flat-roofed bungalow, the original shape of which remains clearly evident. It appears quite removed from the latter, a pitched-roof dwelling with modestly sloped side dormers and totally flush tow-story facade.